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Single Cell and System Modeling of Tubular Proton Conducting Solid Oxide Steam Electrolyzers for Intermittent Operation
Fogel, S.ORC; Kryk, H.; Hampel, U.ORC
Due to the constantly growing utilization of wind and solar energy, the demand for technologies for temporal and spatial decoupling of energy provision and consumption is steadily increasing. The application of proton-conducting solid oxide electrolysis cells (H-SOEC) has been a main concern in recent research activities since they offer an environmentally friendly and efficient technique for the conversion of excess energy into hydrogen. As renewables occur intermittently, SOEC designs and all employed materials have to be capable of withstanding large electrical transients and therefore harsh operating conditions. Tubular cell designs of SOEC received increased attention in recent years due to their inherent advantages. They offer rapid startup capabilities as well as high resistance to heat, thermal cycling, thermal stresses and high-pressure application capabilities. Since the knowledge of the dynamic behavior of SOECs is key to their future application, this work aims to study the transient behavior of a single, proton conducting SOEC during rapid load variations and of multi-tubular stacks on a system scale under high-pressure operation. The use of different load variation speeds is discussed with respect to cell control.
Keywords: SOEC, load variation, transient operation, tubular cell, proton conduction
  • Lecture (Conference)
    12th European Congress of Chemical Engineering ECCE, 15.-19.09.2019, Florence, Italy

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