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Direct Synthesis of Large-Scale Multilayer TaSe2 on SiO2/Si Using Ion Beam Technology
Tsai, H.-S.; Liu, F.-W.; Liou, J.-W.; Chi, C.-C.; Tang, S.-Y.; Wang, C.ORC; Ouyang, H.; Chueh, Y.-L.; Liu, C.; Zhou, S.ORC; Woon, W.-Y.
The multilayer 1T-TaSe2 is successfully synthesized by annealing a Se-implanted Ta thin film on the SiO2/Si substrate. Material analyses confirm the 1T (octahedral) structure and the quasi-2D nature of the prepared TaSe2. Temperaturedependent resistivity reveals that the multilayer 1T-TaSe2 obtained by our method undergoes a commensurate charge-density wave (CCDW) transition at around 500 K. This synthesis process has been applied to synthesize MoSe2 and HfSe2 and expanded for synthesis of one more transition-metal dichalcogenide (TMD) material. In addition, the main issue of the process, that is, the excess metal capping on the TMD layers, is solved by the reduction of thickness of the as-deposited metal thin film in this work.
Keywords: TaSe2, charge-density wave, ion beam, synthesis


Publ.-Id: 29766