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Independent Geometrical Control of Spin and Charge Resistances in Curved Spintronics
Das, K. S.; Makarov, D.ORC; Gentile, P.; Cuoco, M.; van Wees, B. J.; Ortix, C.; Vera-Marun, I. J.
Spintronic devices operating with pure spin currents represent a new paradigm in nanoelectronics, with a higher energy efficiency and lower dissipation as compared to charge currents. This technology, however, will be viable only if the amount of spin current diffusing in a nanochannel can be tuned on demand while guaranteeing electrical compatibility with other device elements, to which it should be integrated in high-density three-dimensional architectures. Here, we address these two crucial milestones and demonstrate that pure spin currents can effectively propagate in metallic nanochannels with a three-dimensional curved geometry. Remarkably, the geometric design of the nanochannels can be used to reach an independent tuning of spin transport and charge transport characteristics. These results laid the foundation for the design of efficient pure spin current-based electronics, which can be integrated in complex three-dimensional architectures.
Keywords: curved nanoarchitectures, electrical and spin resistance, geometrical control, nonlocal spin valves, Spintronics


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