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Population balance modelling of isothermal and non-isothermal bubbly flows
Liao, Y.;
In bubbly flows, bubble size may vary with time and space as the result of coalescence and breakage, shrinkage and growth due to mass and/or heat transfer as well as other dynamic and transport processes occurring at the interface. One major task and challenge in modelling of bubbly flows is to reconstruct these processes and trace the change of local bubble size, since it is crucial in affecting the rate of all interfacial transfers. The population balance equation provides the basis for the description of the dynamics of particulate systems. It has become of great interest in a number of scientific disciplines or application fields. Different forms of the population balance models have been presented, and they all allow one to take into account above bubble size change mechanisms through so-called kernels. Nevertheless, continuous efforts are needed in developing, calibrating and validating the kernels. In addition, reliable and efficient solution of the population balance equation is not trivial. The presentation will focus on the class method of population balance modelling, its coupling with the two-fluid-model and application to adiabatic air-water, condensing and evaporating steam-water bubbly flows as well as recent progresses in developing coalescence and breakup kernels.
Keywords: Bubbly flow, Coalescence and breakup, CFD-PBM coupled method, Phase change, Population balance model
  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    NSFC-DEG International Workshop on Three-Phase Flow Modelling and Simulation, 23.-25.10.2019, Ningbo, China

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