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La–Sr–Mn–Co–O Films for High Pulsed Magnetic Field Measurements at Cryogenic Temperatures
Rudokas, V.; Zurauskiene, N.; Lukose, R.; Kersulis, S.; Stankevic, V.; Pavilonis, D.; Balevicius, S.; Plausinaitiene, V.; Vagner, M.; Skapas, M.; Arsenijevic, S.;
The magnetoresistance of nanostructured La1−xSrx(Mn1−yCoy)zO3±δ (La–Sr–Mn–Co–O) films with substitution of Co for Mn with amount of Co/(La + Sr) = 0.12 and different Mn excess Mn/(La + Sr) = 1.05, 1.07, nd 1.11 was investigated at temperatures of 4–230 K in pulsed magnetic fields up to 60 T. It was found that the manganite–cobaltite films exhibit larger magnetoresistance in comparison with manganite films without Co doping. The largest magnetoresistance values and sensitivity to the magnetic field are obtained for La–Sr–Mn–Co–O films having Mn Content close to the stoichiometric ratio for manganites: Mn/(La + Sr) = 1.05. It was found that magnetoresistance at high fields (20–60 T) has a minimum at (50–80 K) and increases with the decrease of temperature. The possibility to use these films for magnetic field measurements at cryogenic temperatures is demonstrated.


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Publ.-Id: 29835