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Status and innovations in pre-treatment CT imaging for proton therapy

Wohlfahrt, P.; Richter, C.ORC
Pre-treatment CT imaging is a topic of growing importance in particle therapy. Improvements in the accuracy of stopping-power prediction are demanded to allow for a dose conformality that is not inferior to state-of-the-art image-guided photon therapy. Although range uncertainty has kept practically constant over the last decades, recent technological and methodological developments, like the clinical application of dualenergy CT, have been introduced or arise at least on the horizon to improve the accuracy and precision of range prediction. This review gives an overview of the current status, summarizes the innovations in dual-energy CT and its potential impact on the field as well as potential alternative technologies for SPR prediction.
Keywords: Dual-energy CT, range prediction, stopping-power ratio, stopping-power prediction, SPR, proton therapy


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