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Evaluation of the ESFR End of Cycle State and Detailed Spatial Distributions of Reactivity Coefficients

Davies, U.; Margulis, M.; Shwageraus, E.; Fridman, E.; Garcia-Herranz, N.; Jimenez-Carrascosa, A.; Cabellos, O.; Gregg, R.

The ESFR-SMART project is the latest iteration of research into the behaviour of a commercial-size SFR core throughout its lifetime. As part of this project the ESFR core has been modelled by a range of different reactor physics simulation codes at its end of cycle state, and the important safety relevant parameters evaluated. These parameters are found to agree well between the different codes, giving good confidence in the results.
A detailed mapping of the local sodium void worth is also performed due to the problems associated with the positive void coefficient seen in large SFR designs. The local void worth maps show that the use of zone-wise coefficients replicates the important reactivity feedbacks, with a trend towards conservatism.

Keywords: ESFR; sodium-cooled fast reactor; spatial reactivity coefficients; sodium void worth

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    Physics of Reactors PHYSOR 2020, 29.03.-02.04.2020, Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • Open Access Logo European Physical Journal Web of Conferences 247(2021), 02001
    DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/202124702001

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