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Experimental analysis of gas phase dynamics in a lab scale bubble column operated with deionized water and NaOH solution under uniform bubbly flow conditions

Kipping, R.; Kryk, H.; Hampel, U.

In this study we present an investigation on the impact of sparger configuration and fluid properties on the local gas phase dynamics for up to 17% total gas holdup. Experiments in a bubble column with 100 mm inner diameter were conducted with deionized water and NaOH solution of up to cNaOH = 32 mmol·l−1. Ultrafast X-ray computed tomography (UFXCT) was applied to obtain local hydrodynamic parameters, such as gas holdup distribution, bubble sizes and average bubble rise velocities. Radial gas holdup profiles show wall peaking, which is attributed to the uniform bubbly flow regime generated by the needle sparger used in this study. The addition of NaOH leads to similar gas holdup values but significant changes on local bubbly dynamics, such as bubble size distribution and axial gas phase velocity. The Sauter mean diameter was found to decrease with increasing concentration of NaOH, whereby the decrease is larger at higher gas flow rate.

Keywords: bubble column hydrodynamics; mono-dispersed bubbly flow; bubble size distribution; bubble rise velocity; electrolyte solutions; Ultrafast X-ray tomography

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