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Easy-plane magnetic anisotropy in layered GdMn2Si2 compound with easy-axis magnetocrystalline anisotropy

Gerasimov, E. G.; Terentev, P. B.; Gubkin, A. F.; Fischer, H. E.; Gorbunov, D.; Mushnikov, N. V.
Magnetic properties and magnetic structures of layered GdMnSi2 compound were studied using quasisingle crystal, high magnetic fields up to 520 kOe, and neutron powder diffraction experiment designed for high absorbent systems. It was shown that GdMn2Si2 has strong easy plane type magnetic anisotropy at temperatures TGd < 52 K at which Gd atoms are magnetically ordered. At temperatures 52 K < T < 453 K, the compound has antiferromagnetic ordering of Mn layers and easy axis type magnetic anisotropy with the easy axis directed along the tetragonal c-axis. The exchange-induced in-plane magnetic anisotropy of layered GdMn2Si2 at low temperatures arises to prevent magnetic frustration in Gd layers. Magnetic properties of GdMn2Si2 at temperatures below 52 K can be described within a threesublattice model based on the Yafet-Kittel approximation.


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