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Liquid Metal Model Experiments for Continuous Casting of Steel

Schurmann, D.ORC; Eckert, S.ORC
Experimental investigations of the fluid flow in the continuous casting mold are performed at the Mini-LIMMCAST facility of HZDR, which is a liquid metal mockup operated with GaInSn at room temperature. Velocity measurements in the non-transparent liquid metal are performed by means of the ultrasound Doppler velocimetry (UDV), which enables the reconstruction of the complex flow pattern in the mold. The focus of our study is on the influence of different electromagnetic actuators like electromagnetic brakes (EMBr) or electromagnetic stirring (EMS) on the mold flow in slab and bloom geometries.
Keywords: experimental investigation; liquid metal model; continuous casting; electromagnetic brake; electromagnetic stirring;
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    CFD and Thermomechanics Days, 04.-06.02.2020, Online, Internet

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