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Misunterstandings – how dies the mining industry present itself in Europe and how is it perceived by society?

Reuter, M. A.
Europe’s mining sector aligns itself with the sustainability agenda through concepts such as the circular economy, the coming energy and resource transition, a zero-waste economy, etc. Ironically, these concepts also cause misunderstandings within society, most notably that no more mining or smeltering will be needed. This can be seen in the current debate on the ban of lead, i.e. lead is a necessary carrier element for many CRMs and lead-metallurgy is fundamental for a true circular economy. Is education enough to overcome these misunderstandings or is something else needed?
Keywords: Mireu, research, Social License to Operate, SLO, sustainability, circular economy, lead
  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    3rd SLO workshop: ensuring SLO is adaptive and resilient, 05.-06.06.2019, Brüssel, Belgien


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