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Evaluation of separation and segregation in dynamic air classifiers

Buchmann, M.; Mütze, T.
Dynamic air classifiers separate particles in a gas flow due to their different trajectories. The characteristic property of separation is the settling velocity of the particles which is influenced by their size, shape, and density. The present contribution takes a close look at the separation behaviour of heterogeneous feeds, in which valuables and gangue minerals show significant differences in density. A new concept of multi-dimensional characterization of a separation process is presented and compared to the classical approach of the evaluation by partition curves (split factor, cut size, separation efficiency etc.) The new concept utilises the complex information from an automated mineral liberation analysis (MLA) and provides information of the enrichment and segregation of individual mineral phases in the products.
  • Open Access Logo Contribution to proceedings
    16th European Symposium on Comminution & Classification (ESCC 2019), 02.-04.09.2019, Leeds, United Kingdom
    DOI: 10.5518/100/17


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