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Process Metallurgy is Fundamental to the Circular Economy

Reuter, M. A.
Metals are eminently recyclable, and by recycling and refining complex materials, the interconnected metals sector is responding to the increasing scarcity of certain metals. In this way, the metals sector is delivering and recovering the technology and base metals for the Circular Economy (CE). Moreover, metals are at the heart of the energy infrastructures that now run Circular Cities, and they will play an even greater part in the future. Metals are key enablers in the CE, as it is capable of dissolving and carrying a multitude of technology elements. The recovery and recycling of several critical technology elements is based on refining them from molten metal through well-developed metallurgical processes in which these act as carrier metals. To put it simply, process metallurgy is fundamental if countries want to innovate leading positions in the global CE. This presentation is gleaning from a recent policy brief developed by industry and academia within the EU ETN SOCRATES.
Keywords: Circular Economy, Circular Cities, process metallurgy, SOCRATES
  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    Waste innovation for a circular economy / Cutting Edge Science and Engineering Symposium, 27.-29.05.2019, Clayton, Australien


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