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The eco-footprint of raw materials. Current limits.

Reuter, M. A.
The complexity of metal and material mixtures in products
Simulation-based quantification of the resource efficiency of very large - Circular Economy (CE) systems
Applying the tools of process metallurgy to quantify CAPEX and OPEX of CE system
Various industrial examples for footprinting the CE e.g.
PV life cycle linked to energy system: exergy dissipation in the system
Various other examples among many:
Copper rock to metal – exergy dissipation of the system (industry)
Product design for circularity for OEMs (mobile, LED, laptops etc.)
Water systems optimization (industry)
Zinc and lead processing systems (industry)
Keywords: ecological footprint, circular SOCIETY, emobility, resource efficiency, Circular Economy
  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    4th Expert Forum on Sustainable Materials for Future Mobility/Electrification and Lightweight Design, 07.-09.10.2019, Nizza, Frankreich


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