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Laser-driven strong shocks with infrared lasers at intensity of 1016 W/cm2

Antonelli, L.; Trela, J.; Barbato, F.; Boutoux, G.; Nicolaï, P.; Batani, D.; Tikhonchuk, V.; Mancelli, D.; Tentori, A.; Atzeni, S.; Schiavi, A.; Baffigi, F.; Cristoforetti, G.; Viciani, S.; Gizzi, L. A.; Smid, M.ORC; Renner, O.; Dostal, J.; Dudzak, R.; Juha, L.; Krus, M.
We present the results of an experiment on laser-driven shock waves performed at the Prague Asterix Laser system (PALS), where the fundamental frequency of the laser (1315 nm) is used to launch a strong shock in planar geometry. The experiment aims to characterize both shock waves and hot electrons generated at intensities of ’ 1016 W=cm2 . It is shown that, in these interaction conditions, hydrodynamics is strongly impacted by noncollisional mechanisms, and the role of the hot electrons, generated by parametric instabilities, is essential in determining shock dynamics.


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Publ.-Id: 30655