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Validation of a VOF approach for the Top-Submerged gas injection in liquid metal

Reuter, M. A.; Obiso, D.; Richter, A.; Akashi, M.; Eckert, S.
The main goal of this work is to prove the reliability of the Volume of Fluid (VOF) model for a top-submerged-lance (TSL) gas injection in a liquid metal bath, therefore trying to close the gap between the modelling of common air/water lab setups and real TSL slag-bath furnaces. Suitable validation data were provided by HZDR, where X-ray imaging was applied to picture the multiphase flow in an Argon - Ga77.2In14.4Sn8.4 system [1].
Keywords: Volume of Fluid, op-submerged-lance, metal, X-ray
  • Lecture (Conference)
    17th Multiphase Flow Conference HZDR, 13.-15.11.2019, Dresden, Deutschland


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