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Raw data of liquid saturation, pressure drop and porosity of an inclined rotating fixed-bed reactor with inner tube

Timaeus, R.; Schleicher, E.; Bieberle, A.; Hampel, U.; Schubert, M.

The hydrodynamic raw data of an inclined rotating fixed-bed reactor with different inner tubes are given. The phase distributions of nitrogen and cumene in the cross-section of the reactor filled with porous alumina particles were measured via a capacitance wire-mesh sensor. Besides, the the raw data of the specific pressure drops for the investigated operating points are described. Additionally, the attenuation coefficients of different configurations (different particle and inner tube diameter) are collected, which were measured by gamma-ray computed tomography. This publication contains the raw data of the publication "Hydrodynamic data of an inclined rotating fixed-bed reactor" (10.14278/rodare.203).

Keywords: Hydrodynamic analysis, Wire-mesh sensor, Raw data, Gamma-ray computed tomography
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    Publication date: 2020-02-03
    DOI: 10.14278/rodare.243


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