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Mineralogical zoning within the Freiberg epithermal Ag- (Au)-Pb-Zn-Cu system, Germany

Swinkels, L.; Rossberg, C.; Schulz-Isenbeck, J.; Burisch, M.; Frenzel, M.ORC; Gutzmer, J.ORC
The Freiberg epithermal system comprises numerous hydrothermal veins with rich Ag-(Au)-Pb-Zn-Cu mineralisation. Even after more than 800 years of extensive mining, substantial resources remain in the northern sub-districts. This area is subject to recent exploration activity. Preliminary petrographic data of two vertical profiles from the northern part of the district are presented and a new model for the district-scale zoning is proposed. The highest Ag grades occur in Ag-Sb-S-quartz veins and seem to systematically occur above an Ag-Sb-S-Carbonate stage and below Sb-S-quartz mineralisation. This high-grade Ag mineralisation is relatively distal, shallow, and abundant in the northwest sector of the Freiberg district. This, and similar insights may be used to develop new exploration vectors for the Freiberg district.
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    15th Biennial Meeting of the Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits, 26.-30.08.2019, Glasgow, UK

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