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HIM and AFM Data set from first AFM in the HIM test

Hlawacek, G.; Andany, S.

In this work, the integration of an atomic force microscope (AFM) into a helium ion microscope
(HIM) is reported for the first time. The helium ion microscope is a powerful instrument, capable of sub-
nanometer resolution imaging and machining nanoscale structures, while the AFM is a well-established
versatile tool for multiparametric nanoscale metrology. Combining the two techniques opens the way for
unprecedented, in-situ, correlative analysis at the nanoscale. Nanomachining and analysis can be
performed without contamination of the sample as well as avoiding environmental changes between
processing steps. The practicality of the resulting tool lies in the complementarity of the two techniques as
the AFM offers not only true 3D topography maps---something the HIM can only provide in an indirect
way---but also allows for nanomechanical property mapping, as well as electrical and magnetic
characterisation of the sample after focused ion beam materials modification with the HIM. The
experimental setup is described and evaluated through a series of correlative experiments, demonstrating
the feasibility of the integration.

Keywords: Helium Ion Microscopy; Atomic Force Microscopy

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