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Thermal and flow performance of tilted oval tubes with novel fin designs

Unger, S.; Beyer, M.; Szalinski, L.; Hampel, U.

We studied the thermal and flow performance of tube heat exchangers with novel fin designs for tube tilt angles of "0°,20°,30°" and "40°" to the horizontal. The novel fin designs target to enhance the conduction heat transfer within the fin and the convective heat transfer along the fin surface simultaneously. Tubes with three different fin designs, the circular plain fin (CPF), the circular integrated pin fin (CIPF) and the serrated integrated pin fin (SIPF), were additively manufactured by selective laser melting and experimentally investigated in an air flow channel for Reynolds number between "1800" and "7800" . We analysed the performance evaluation criterion, the volumetric heat flux density and the global performance criterion. It was found, that the SIPF achieves highest performance evaluation criterion and the CPF performs worst. Thus, the SIPF is recommended, when the required surface area, the material cost and the weight of the finned tube heat exchanger are relevant. Highest heat transfer per volume heat exchanger and temperature difference was achieved for the CIPF at highest tube tilt angle. The value of the global performance criterion strongly depends on the fin design and the tube tilt angle. For the horizontal orientation the CPF reaches highest global performance and for the 40° tube tilt angle the CIPF gives best performance. From the experimental data we derived appropriate heat transfer correlations for Reynolds number, Prandtl number, tube tilt angle and fin designs.

Keywords: Finned tube heat exchanger; Novel fin designs; Heat transfer; Friction factor; Tube tilt angle; Thermal-flow performance; Additive Manufacturing

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