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Crystal-field effects in Er3RuAl12with a distorted kagome lattice

Gorbunov, D.; Ishii, I.; Kurata, Y.; Andreev, A. V.; Suzuki, T.; Zherlitsyn, S.; Wosnitza, J.

We report on the magnetic and elastic properties of Er3Ru4Al12 in static and pulsed magnetic fields up to 58 T. From the ultrasound results, we obtain evidence for a phase transition at 2 K related to magnetic ordering. Furthermore, in the paramagnetic state, Er3Ru4Al12 shows pronounced anomalies in the magnetization and elastic moduli as a function of temperature and magnetic field. We explain our findings using a crystal-electricfield (CEF) model that includes quadrupolar interactions and propose a CEF level scheme for this material. However, the CEF effects cannot explain all field-induced anomalies, which indicates that refined models are needed for explaining these.


Publ.-Id: 30845