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Magnetocaloric Effect in Alloy Fe49Rh51in Pulsed Magnetic Fields up to 50 T

Kamantsev, A. P.; Amirov, A. A.; Koshkid'Ko, Y. S.; Salazar Mejia, C.; Mashirov, A. V.; Aliev, A. M.; Koledov, V. V.; Shavrov, V. G.
Magnetocaloric effect (MCE) in pulsed magnetic fields up to 50 T was directly studied in alloyFe49Rh51. An inverse MCE ΔT ≈ –8 K is observed at different initial temperatures around the metamagneticphase transition upon field rising to 20 T; further growth of the field to 50 T leads to a decrease in the absoluteadiabatic temperature change by nearly 1 K, which is due to the direct MCE and proves that the whole sampleundergoes a transition into the ferromagnetic phase. Upon the field decrease, the maximal absolute value ofthe adiabatic temperature change of |ΔT| = 9.8 K was revealed at 6 T when the initial temperature is 310 K.


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