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3D-Ising critical behavior in antiperovskite-type ferromagneticlike Mn3GaN

Yuan, Y.; Liu, Y.; Xu, C.; Kang, J.; Wang, W.; Wang, Q.; Song, B.; Zhou, S.; Wang, X.
In this work, a systematic investigation on magnetic critical behavior is performed for the first time on an antiperovskite-type Mn3GaN, which is prepared by intentionally modifying stoichiometry. According to the XRD results, the antiperovskite structure is well preserved, even though all lattice parameters shrink upon reducing Ga and N content down to 60%. The sample exhibits a ferromagneticlike feature with a Curie temperature (T_C) of 394 K rather than frustrated behavior in stoichiometric Mn3GaN. Most importantly, the modified Arrott plots, Kouvel–Fisher plots, as well as critical isotherm method self-consistently co-confirm the critical exponents of β = 0.33, γ = 1.23, and δ = 4.7, unambiguously indicating that the critical behavior follows the 3D-Ising model around T_C.


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Publ.-Id: 30858