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Enhanced room temperature ferromagnetism in MoS2 by N plasma treatment

Wang, B.; Zhang, D.; Wang, H.; Zhao, H.; Liu, R.; Li, Q.; Zhou, S.; Du, J.; Xu, Q.
The introduction of ferromagnetism in MoS2 is important for its applications in semiconductor spintronics. MoS2 powders were synthesized by hydrothermal method, followed by the N plasma treatment at room temperature. Weak ferromagnetism with saturated ferromagnetic magnetization of 0.64 memu/g has been observed in the as-synthesized MoS2 at room temperature, which is significant enhanced to 3.67 memu/g after the N plasma treatment for the proper duration. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy demonstrates the adsorption of N, and higher valence state of Mo than +4 due to the bonding with N after the N plasma treatment. First principle calculation has been performed to disclose the possible origin of ferromagnetism. One chemical adsorbed N ion on S ion may form conjugated π bonds with adjacent two Mo ions to have a total magnetic moment of 0.75 μB, contributing to the enhanced ferromagnetism.


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