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Defects in Thin Layers of High Entropy Alloy HfNbTaTiZr

Lukáč, F.; Hruška, P.; Cichoň, S.; Vlasák, T.; Cížek, J.; Kmječ, T.; Melikhova, O.; Butterling, M.; Liedke, M. O.; Wagner, A.

High entropy alloys represent a new type of materials with unique combination of physical properties originating due to occurrence of single phase solid solution of numerous elements. Preparation of high entropy alloys films with nanosized grains promises increased effective surface and high intergranular diffusion of elements. In the present work HfNbTaTiZr films were deposited by magnetron sputtering from single phase HfNbTaTiZr target prepared by spark plasma sintering. Chemical composition of high entropy alloys thin films prepared this way was enriched in Ti and depleted in Zr and Nb. Very fine microstructure of the film was documented and defect distribution was found to be non-uniform with depth.

Keywords: high entropy alloy; thin film; positron annihilation; nano grain

Publ.-Id: 30863