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Numerical framework for a morphology adaptive multi-field two-fluid model in OpenFOAM

Meller, R.; Schlegel, F.; Lucas, D.; Tekavčič, M.

A solver for multiphase flows based on the incompressible Eulerian multi-field two-fluid model for the OpenFOAM release of The OpenFOAM Foundation for numerical simulations of multiphase flows with morphology changes and resolved interfaces.


  • morphology adaptive modeling framework for modelling of dispersed and resolved interfaces based on Eulerian multi-field two-fluid model
  • compact interpolation method according to Cubero et al. (Comput Chem Eng, 2014, Vol. 62, 96-107), including virtual mass
  • numerical drag according to Strubelj and Tiselj (Int J Numer Methods Eng, 2011, Vol. 85, 575-590) to describe resolved interfaces in a volume-of-fluid like manner
  • n-phase partial elimination algorithm for momentum equations to resolve strong phase coupling
  • bubble induced turbulence model of Ma et al. (Phys Rev Fluids, 2017, Vol. 2, 034301)
  • turbulent wall functions of Menter according to Rzehak & Kriebitzsch (Int J Multiphase Flow, 2015, Vol. 68, 135–152)
  • free surface turbulence damping for k-ω SST (symmetric and asymmetric damping, Frederix et al., Nucl Eng Des, 2018, Vol. 333, 122-130)
  • dynamic time step adjustment via PID controller
  • selected test cases:
    • a two-dimensional gas bubble, rising in a liquid, which is laden with micro gas bubbles, and
    • a two-dimensional stagnant stratification of water and oil, sharing a large-scale interface
    • a two-dimensional stratified flow based on WENKA experiment (Stäbler, Ph.D. thesis, 2007)

Keywords: OpenFOAM; C++; CFD; Finite volume method; Multiphase flow; Multi-field two-fluid model; Eulerian-Eulerian model; Momentum interpolation; Partial elimination algorithm; Free Surface

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