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Measurements to verify different concepts of multi-plane detectors for ultrafast electron beam X-ray computed tomography

Bieberle, A.
Project Member: Barthel, Frank; Project Member: Windisch, Dominic; DataCollector: Bieberle, André

The measurements in this dataset repository contain raw signal data obtained from novel multi-plane detectors that are experimentally tested with the ultrafast electron beam X-ray CT (UFXCT) scanner at the HZDR. The CT scanner is operated with a constant deflection frequency of 2 kHz, an acceleration voltage of +150 keV and in dual-plane CT scanning mode. The voltage output signals of four multi-plane detector channels are sampled with 2 MHz and 24 bit (±5 V) using a commercial eight-channel data acquisition system (LTT24, Labortechnik Tasler GmbH). The applied reverse voltage to the avalanche photodiodes and the three deflection coil signals are recorded simultaneously. The detectors are collimated with lead and are analysed for

  • various electron beam currents,
  • various detector heights and
  • two different designs.

Keywords: ultrafast X-ray CT; scintillation detectors; multi-plane imaging

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