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Diamond-blade diced trapezoidal ridge waveguides in YCOB crystal for second harmonic generation

Chen, C.; Lu, Q.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Zhou, S.
Trapezoidal ridge waveguides have been fabricated in YCOB nonlinear optical crystals by carbon ion irradiation and precise diamond-blade dicing. The diced ridges with smooth side-walls allow for near-infrared (1064 nm) light guiding with propagation losses around 1 dB/cm. Refractive index profile of a waveguide has been reconstructed in a reasonable manner. Green second harmonic light have been generated at room temperature via type I birefringent phase matching. Under the pump of continuous and pulsed lasers, conversion efficiencies for guided-wave frequency doubling can be up to ~1.10% Wsup-1 and ~6.22%, respectively.
Keywords: Trapezoidal ridge waveguides, YCOB crystal, SHG


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