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High-field magnetoacoustics of a Dy2Fe14Si3 single crystal

Andreev, A. V.; Gorbunov, D.; Nomura, T.; Zvyagin, A. A.; Zvyagina, G. A.; Zherlitsyn, S.
Dy2Fe14Si3 (hexagonal crystal structure of the Th2Ni17 type) is a highly-anisotropic ferrimagnet with spontaneous magnetic moment Ms=8µB per formula unit (at 2 K), directed along the Fe sublattice, and Curie temperature TC=500 K. The magnetic anisotropy is of the easy-plane type with the [100] axis as an easy magnetization direction. Large anisotropy is observed also within the basal plane. In fields applied along the [100] and [120] axes, field-induced phase transitions were observed at 33 T (of thefirst order) and at 41 T (of the second order), respectively (at 2 K). Relative changes of sound velocity and changes of sound attenuation at these phase transitions in a Dy2Fe14Si3 single crystal were measured in pulsed magneticfields up to 58 T at 2 K and elevated temperatures. The performed theoretical analysis suggests that the interaction of the elastic subsystem with the magnetic one is of the exchange-striction nature.


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