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Integral multi-scenario robustness evaluation of classical and anatomical robust optimization in head and neck cancer proton therapy

Cubillos Mesias, M.; Troost, E. G. C.; Lohaus, F.; Agolli, L.; Rehm, M.; Richter, C.; Stützer, K.

Classical robust optimization considers uncertainties in patient setup and particle range. Usually plan robustness is evaluated from calculation of perturbed dose distributions based on the planning CT, without considering potential anatomical changes that may occur during the treatment course. Our aim was to compare the overall plan robustness of classical robust optimization (cRO) with the recently proposed anatomical robust optimization (aRO) based on an integral multi-scenario evaluation, considering all types of uncertainties including anatomical variations.

  • Abstract in refereed journal
    Radiotherapy and Oncology 133(2019)1, S488-S489

Publ.-Id: 31030