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Stability of axially symmetric flow driven by a rotating magnetic field in a cylindrical cavity

Grants, I.; Gerbeth, G.
The present paper deals with the stability analysis of a swirling-recirculating axially symmetric liquid metal flow driven by the rotating magnetic field in a cylinder of finite dimensions. The limit of linear stability with respect to axially symmetric perturbations is found for the diameter to height ratios 1 and 0.5. This oscillatory instability is shown to be of other type than the expected Taylor-Görtler vortices. Several linearly unstable steady solutions are found and the flow is shown to be unstable to finite amplitude Taylor-Görtler type vortices in sub-critaical regime. The energy of critaical finite amplitude perturbation is estimated numerically.
  • Journal of Fluid Mechanics (2001), Vol. 431, pp 407-426

Publ.-Id: 3105