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Generating a tide-like flow in a cylindrical vessel by electromagnetic forcing

Jüstel, P.; Röhrborn, S.; Frick, P.; Galindo, V.; Gundrum, T.; Schindler, F.; Stefani, F.; Stepanov, R.; Vogt, T.

We show and compare numerical and experimental results on the electromagnetic generation of a tide-like flow structure in a cylindrical vessel which is filled with the eutectic liquid metal alloy GaInSn. Fields of various strengths and frequencies are applied to drive liquid metal flows. The impact of the field variations on amplitude and structure of the flows are investigated. The results represent the basis for a future Rayleigh-Bénard experiment, in which a modulated tide-like flow perturbation is expected to synchronize the typical sloshing mode of the large-scale circulation. A similar entrainment mechanism for the helicity in the Sun may be responsible for the synchronization of the solar dynamo with the alignment cycle of the tidally dominant planets Venus, Earth and Jupiter.

Keywords: electromagnetic forcing; impinging jets; magnetohydrodynamics; helicity synchronization

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