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Two-Pion Intensity-Interferometry in Non-Central Collisions of Au + Au @ 1.23 A GeV

Greifenhagen, R.

High-statistics π-, π- and π+, π+ HBT data for non-central Au + Au collisions at 1.23 A GeV, measured with HADES at SIS18/GSI, are presented. The three-dimensional emission source is studied in dependence on pair transverse momentum and beam energy. A tilt of the source with respect to the reaction plane is observed. The spatial extension and the tilt magnitude of the source decrease with transverse momentum. A clear charge-sign difference is observed for the spatio-temporal variances, but not for the tilt angle of the source. Derived geometrical and temporal parameters do well complement the trend over several orders of magnitude in beam-energy provided that consistent transverse momenta are selected.

Keywords: femtoscopy; HBT

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  • Contribution to proceedings
    XIV Workshop on Particle Correlations and Femtoscopy, 03.-07.06.2019, Dubna, Russian Federation
    Physics of Particles and Nuclei Volume 51, Issue 3, Berlin: Springer, 1063-7796, 288-292
    DOI: 10.1134/S1063779620030132

Publ.-Id: 31124