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Engineering telecom single-photon emitters in silicon for scalable quantum photonics

Hollenbach, M.; Berencen, Y.; Kentsch, U.; Helm, M.; Astakhov, G.

We create and isolate single-photon emitters with a high brightness approaching 10⁵ counts per second in commercial silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafers. The emission occurs in the infrared spectral range with a spectrally narrow zero phonon line in the telecom O-band and shows a high photostability even after days of continuous operation. The origin of the emitters is attributed to one of the carbon-related color centers in silicon, the so-called G center, allowing purification with the ¹²C and ²⁸Si isotopes. Furthermore, we envision a concept of a highly-coherent scalable quantum photonic platform, where single-photon sources, waveguides and detectors are integrated on the same SOI chip. Our results provide a route towards the implementation of quantum processors, repeaters and sensors compatible with the present-day silicon technology.

Keywords: Signe photon source; telecommunication window; silicon photonics; quantum communication; color centers

Publ.-Id: 31352