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Strengthening of ods silver wires

Wasserbäch, W.; Skrotzki, W.; Chekhonin, P.

The present work is part of an experimental program in which the mechanical behavior and the evolution of microstructure and texture of different industrially manufactured oxide-dispersion strengthened silver alloys upon different processing steps like hot-extrusion, cold-working and further annealing have been investigated. The investigations reveal that the incoherent oxide particles strongly influence the evolution of microstructure and texture during processing and consequently the deformation behavior at room temperature. Small oxide particles cause a high strengthening of the material but only a small change of the microstructure and texture. Increasing the oxide particle size subsequently reduces the strength and changes the original microstructure and texture in a more pronounced way. The yield strength at room temperature can be explained with a linear superposition of the Orowan stress for bypassing of oxide particles by dislocations and grain boundary strengthening according to Hall-Petch. The impact of texture of the materials on the yield strength is accounted for.

Keywords: Silver; Metal matrix composites; Cold-working; Strain hardening; Texture


  • Secondary publication expected from 09.07.2021

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