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Simulation of hard x-rays source produced by a picosecond laser irradiated solid target for Compton radiography

Meng-Ting, L.; Guang-Yue, H.; Huang, L.; Jian, Z.

A bremsstrahlung radiation hard x-ray source, produced by a picosecond intense laser irradiated solid target, was used to diagnose an implosion capsule at stagnation phase via Compton radiography in experiments. By performing Monte Carlo and particle-in-cell simulation, we investigated the influence of target materials and laser intensity on the >70 keV bremsstrahlung hard x-ray emission. We found that the brightness of the hard x-rays is proportional to the atomic number multiplied by area density (ZρL), which indicates that the higher Z and higher density gold or uranium material will produce the brightest hard x-rays source at the same thickness. In relativistic laser solid interactions, hot electron recirculation plays an important role in hard x-ray emission. Without recirculation, hard x-ray conversion efficiency decays when increasing the laser intensity. While the hard x-ray emission comes to the maximal saturated conversion efficiency at relativistic laser intensity if considering the electron recirculation.
These results provide valuable insights into the experimental design of Compton radiography

Keywords: Inertial confined fusion; Compton radiography; Numerical modeling


  • Secondary publication expected from 22.07.2021

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