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HIFIS - Platform, Training and Support for a Sustainable Software Development

Huste, T.

HIFIS aims to ensure an excellent information environment for outstanding research in all Helmholtz research fields and a seamless and performant IT-infrastructure connecting knowledge from all centres. It will build a secure and easy-to-use collaborative environment with efficiently accessible ICT services from anywhere. HIFIS will also support the development of research software with a high level of quality, visibility and sustainability.
In this talk we will present current offers of the HIFIS platform. The focus is on the Software Services pillar of HIFIS.

Keywords: HIFIS; Software Engineering; Cloud; Consulting; Education; Training

  • Invited lecture (Conferences) (Online presentation)
    Wissensaustausch-Workshop Software Engineering (WAW SE VII), 09.09.2020, Online, Deutschland

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