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Nanoindentation testing and TEM observations of irradiated F/M alloys

Bergner, F.

In this talk, selected results of nanoindentation testing of unirradiated, neutron irradiated and ion irradiated (1 and 5 MeV) Fe-based materials are presented. The Nix-Gao approach is applied in order to extract the bulk-equivalent hardenss. Cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy shows how ion-irradiated microstructures look like. The available information is used to develop a microstructure-informed prediction model of irradiation hardening.

Keywords: Nanoindentation; TEM; Ferritic/martensitic steels; Ion irradiation; Irradiation hardening; Dislocation loops

  • Lecture (others) (Online presentation)
    ONLINE M4F Plenary Project Meeting, 16.-17.06.2020, Online, Online

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