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STRUctural MATerials research for safe Long Term Operation of LWR NPPs (STRUMAT-LTO) Work Package 3: Synergetic effects of Ni, Mn and Si on RPV embrittlement at high fluences

Ulbricht, A.

The objective of this WP is to identify and explain synergetic effects of VVER-1000 typical alloying elements in terms of irradiation-induced microstructures and mechanical property changes. Suitable materials are available in the neutron-irradiated condition from the LYRA-10 irradiation experiment. The approach is based on the application of complementary microstructural characterization techniques such as SEM, (S)TEM, APT, SANS, PAS to study low-Cu base and weld materials of intentionally varied contents of Ni, Mn and Si. In order to identify a synergetic effect of elements X and Y, low-X/low-Y, high-X/low-Y, low-X/high-Y and high-X/high-Y materials are to be compared and statistically evaluated with respect to mechanical property changes as well as type, composition, volume fraction, number density and size of irradiation-induced nano-features. Post-irradiation annealing allows the thermal stability of the defects to be evaluated. An additional objective is to provide a link between irradiated microstructures and mechanical property changes for highly irradiated VVER-1000 type steels.

  • Lecture (Conference) (Online presentation)
    STRUMAT-LTO Kick-off Meeting, 07.-08.09.2020, online, online

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