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Experimental gas phase hydrodynamic data of lab scale bubble column

Kipping, R.; Hampel, U.

For the investigation of bubble column hydrodynamics an experimental study using ultrafast electron beam X-ray tomography (UFXCT) has been carried out. Local hydrodynamic parameters were measured in a DN100 bubble column using two types of capillary gas sparger, which are named as 'Type A' and 'Type B' . Nitrogen is used as gas phase and deionized water as liquid phase. For Type B sparger additionally, experiments with sodium hydroxide of different concentrations are given. Experiments were carried out at two different measurement heights, which are located at 10 (L/D = 1) and 70 cm (L/D = 7) above the gas sparger

An additional readme.txt file provides all required information and is necessary for the interpretation of the experimental data.

Keywords: Bubble column hydrodynamics; Uniform bubbly flow; Ultrafast X-ray computed tomography; SPP1740

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