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Comprehensive analysis of tumour sub-volumes for radiomic risk modelling in locally advanced HNSCC

Leger, S.; Zwanenburg, A.; Leger, K.; Lohaus, F.; Linge, A.; Schreiber, A.; Kalinauskaite, G.; Tinhofer, I.; Guberina, N.; Guberina, M.; Balermpas, P.; Von, D. G. J.; Ganswindt, U.; Belka, C.; Peeken, J.; Combs, S.; Böke, S.; Zips, D.; Richter, C.; Krause, M.; Baumann, M.; Troost, E. G. C.; Löck, S.

Radiomics aims to characterise the tumour phenotype using advanced image features to predict patient-specific outcome. ...

Keywords: radionmic; image-based risk modelling; machine learning; personalised therapy; radiation oncology

Publ.-Id: 31539