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Characterization of Accumulated B-Integral of Regenerative Amplifier Based CPA Systems

Bock, S.; Marie Herrmann, F.; Püschel, T.; Helbig, U.; Gebhardt, R.; Johannes Lötfering, J.; Pausch, R.; Zeil, K.; Ziegler, T.; Irman, A.; Oksenhendler, T.; Kon, A.; Nishuishi, M.; Kiriyama, H.; Kondo, K.; Toncian, T.; Schramm, U.

We report on a new approach to measure the accumulated B-integral in the regenerative and multipass amplifier stages of ultrashort-pulse high-power laser systems by B-integral-induced coupling between delayed test post-pulses and the main pulse. A numerical model for such non-linear pulse coupling is presented and compared to data taken at the high-power laser Draco with self-referenced spectral interferometry (SRSI). The dependence of the B-integral accumulated in the regenerative amplifier on its operation mode enables optimization strategies for extracted energy vs. collected B-integral. The technique presented here can, in principle, be applied to characterize any type of ultrashort pulse laser system and is essential for pre-pulse reduction.

Keywords: Petawatt laser; temporal pulse contrast; B-integral; self-referenced spectral interferometry

Publ.-Id: 31545