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Single-Shot Measurement of Post-Pulse-GeneratedPre-Pulse in High-Power Laser Systems

Kon, A.; Nishiuchi, M.; Kiriyama, H.; Kando, M.; Bock, S.; Ziegler, T.; Püschel, T.; Zeil, K.; Schramm, U.; Kondo, K.

In this study, a detailed investigation of the dynamics of the generation of pre-pulse bypost-pulses is presented, using single-shot self-referenced spectral interferometry (SRSI). The capabilityof SRSI in terms of the single-shot measurement of the temporal contrast of high-power lasersystems has been experimentally demonstrated. The results confirm that the energy levels of thepre-pulses increase proportional to the square of the B-integral parametrizing the nonlinearity of theamplifier chain.

Keywords: laser pulse contrast; high-intensity lasers; B-integral

Publ.-Id: 31549