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Preparation of γ-Al₂O₃/α-Al₂O₃ ceramic foams as catalyst carriers via the replica technique

Shumilov, V.; Kirilin, A.; Tokarev, A.; Boden, S.; Schubert, M.; Hampel, U.; Hupa, L.; Salmi, T.; Murzin, D. Y.

This work describes an effective method for the preparation of open-cell ceramic foams for their further use as catalyst supports. The polyurethane sponge replica technique was applied using a ceramic suspension based on a mixture of α-alumina, magnesia and titania and polyvinyl alcohol solution as a liquid component. The polyurethane sponge was etched with NaOH and covered with colloidal silica to obtain better adhesion of the slurry to the walls of the polymeric material onto it. The surface area of the ceramic carrier was increased by adding a layer of γ-alumina. Deposition of an active catalytic phase (Pt) was done by impregnation. Properties of the carriers and the final catalyst were investigated by a number of physico-chemical methods such as TEM, SEM, XRD and computer tomography. Hydrogenation of ethyl benzoylformate was performed to elucidate the catalytic properties of foam catalysts illustrating their applicability.

Keywords: γ-Al₂O₃/α-Al₂O₃; catalytic foams; macroporous ceramics; hydrogenation of ethylbenzoylformate

Publ.-Id: 31551