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Long-range magnetic order in the S = 1/2 triangular lattice antiferromagnet KCeS2

Bastien, G.; Rubrecht, B.; Haeussler, E.; Schlender, P.; Zangeneh, Z.; Avdoshenko, S.; Sarkar, R.; Alfonso, A.; Luther, S.; Onykiienko, Y. A.; Walker, H. C.; Kühne, H.; Grinenko, V.; Guguchia, Z.; Kataev, V.; Klauss, H.-H.; Hozoi, L.; van den Brink, J.; Inosov, D. S.; Büchner, B.; Wolter, A. U. B.; Doert, T.

Recently, several putative quantum spin liquid (QSL) states were discovered in S󠆶 = 1/2 rare-earth based triangular-lattice antiferromagnets (TLAF) with the delafossite structure. In order to elucidate the conditions for a QSL to arise, we report here the discovery of a long-range magnetic order in the Ce-based TLAF KCeS2 below TN = 0.38 K, despite the same delafossite structure. Finally, combining various experimental and computational methods, we characterize the crystal electric field scheme, the magnetic anisotropy and the magnetic ground state of KCeS2.

Publ.-Id: 31585