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Magnetic-field-assisted electrodeposition of metal to obtain conically structured ferromagnetic layers

Huang, M.; Eckert, K.; Mutschke, G.

Micro- or nano-structured ferromagnetic layers often possess superior electrocatalytic properties but are difficult to manufacture in general. The present work investigates how a magnetic field can possibly support local cone growth on a planar electrode during electrodeposition, thus simplifying fabrication. Analytical and numerical studies were performed on conical structures of mm size to elaborate the influence of the magnetic forces caused by an electrode-normal external field. It is shown that, beside the Lorentz force studied earlier in the case of single cones [1], the magnetic gradient force enabled by the field alteration near the ferromagnetic cathode significantly supports cone growth. Detailed studies performed for sharp and flat single cones allow conclusions to be drawn on the support at different stages in the evolution of conical deformations. Furthermore, the influence from neighboring cones is studied with arrays of cones at varying distances apart. Nearby neighbors generally tend to mitigate the flow driven by the magnetic forces. Here, the support for cone growth originating from the magnetic gradient force is less heavily affected than that from the Lorentz force. Our results clearly show that the magnetic field has a beneficial effect on the growth of ferromagnetic conical structures, which could also be useful on the micro- and nanometer scales.

Keywords: metal electrodeposition; magnetic field; surface-structured electrode; Lorentz force; magnetic gradient force; numerical simulation

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