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Frequency- and magnetic-field-dependent properties of ordered magnetic nanoparticle arrangements

Neugebauer, N.; Hache, T.; Elm, M.; Hofmann, D. M.; Heiliger, C.; Schultheiß, H.; Klar, P. J.

We present a frequency and magnetic field dependent investigation of ordered arrangements of 20 nm magnetic
nanoparticles (MNPs) consisting of magnetite (Fe3O4) by employing micro Brillouin light scattering
microscopy. We utilized electron beam lithography to prepare hexagonally arranged, circularly shaped MNPassemblies
consisting of a single layer of MNPs using a variant of the Langmuir-Blodgett technique. By
comparing the results with non-structured, layered superlattices of MNPs, further insight into the influence
of size and geometry of the arrangement on the collective properties is obtained. We show that at low static
external field strengths, two signals occur in frequency dependent measurements for both non-structured and
structured assemblies. Enlarging the static external field strength leads to a sharpening of the main signal,
while the satellite signal decreases in its intensity and increases in its linewidth. The occurrence of multiple
signals at low external field strengths is also confirmed by sweeping the static external field and keeping the
excitation frequency constant. Micromagnetic simulations unravel the origin of the different signals and their
dependence on the static external field strength, enabling an interpretation of the observed characteristics in
terms of different local environments of an MNPs forming the MNP assembly.

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