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Process Simulation: Zinc and Cadmium production, Lead refining

Bartie, N. J.; Heibeck, M.

A process simulation model for the production and purification of Zinc via the Roast-Leach-Electrowinning (RLE) process and the subsequent production of its byproduct, Cadmium. It also includes a process for the precipitation of jarosite, and produces residues that can be further processed for the production of Copper and Cobalt. The refining of crude Lead (Pb) bullion is included as a separate stand-alone section.

The simulation was created using flowsheet configurations and operating parameters available in the public domain. Feed and product stream compositions are therefore metallurgically sound and representative of industrial operations that use the processes modelled. The simulation remains an abstraction of reality, however, and should be verified and adopted to the specific operation under consideration. 

The model was developed using the HSC Sim Flowsheet Module in HSC Chemistry 10 (version


Note: The authors do not accept responsibility for any errors. The onus is on the user to verify and validate results against the system being investigated, as system configurations and operating parameters differ from site to site.

Keywords: Process Simulation; Metal production; Zinc; Cadmium; Lead; Copper; Cobalt; Jarosite

  • Software in the HZDR data repository RODARE
    Publication date: 2020-11-27
    DOI: 10.14278/rodare.614
    License: CC-BY-4.0


Publ.-Id: 31779

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