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Ion beam synthesis of graphite and diamond in silicon carbide

Heera, V.; Skorupa, W.; Pécz, B.; Dobos, L.
A high dose of 1x1018 cm-2, 60 keV carbon ions was implanted into single crystalline 6H silicon carbide (SiC) at elevated temperatures. The formation of carbon phases in the crystalline SiC lattice was investigated by cross sectional transmission electron microscopy. An amorphous, carbon rich phase was produced at 300oC. Precipitates of graphite were obtained at 600oC, whereas at 900oC small diamond grains were produced. These grains are in perfect epitaxial relation with the surrounding SiC lattice.
Keywords: Ion implantation, Ion beam synthesis, carbon, silicon carbide, diamond
  • Applied Physics Letters Vol. 76, Nr. 20, 15 May 2000, 2847-2849


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