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Data for: Mapping the stray fields of a micromagnet using spin centers in SiC

Bejarano, M.; Trindade Goncalves, F. J.; Hollenbach, M.; Hache, T.; Hula, T.; Berencen, Y.; Faßbender, J.; Helm, M.; Astakhov, G.; Schultheiß, H.

We utilized the following methods to obtain the presented data: optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR), photoluminescence spectroscopy, and micromagnetic simulations in Mumax3. The experimental data were obtained on the sample which is labeled as: "HPSI 4H-SiC 30 Magnon Q #2". On that sample we investigated magnetic ellipses, sized 8 micrometer x 2 micrometer, made of Permalloy, that lie on top of a silicon carbide substrate. The measured data for all measurements (including ALL parameters) are included in the uploaded primary data subdirectories. The uploaded data is organized in folders according to the figures in the paper. Each folder contains the experimental data, together with the MuMax3 definition files, all the possible possible scripts used for evaluation and all figures included in the paper. This is the final version with the reviewers' corrections.

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